Born in a shack with bacteria-tainted well water in the central valley of California, Myra has been finding creative solutions to life’s problems since she first drew breath. For undergrad she escaped to the Evergreen State college in Olympia, Washington where she developed a love of mixing materials and processes to suit her desired outcomes. In the years after her graduation she traveled the west coast getting into gender trouble and eventually settled down at Richard Macdonald’s Bronze Atelier in Monterey, CA. When she had had her fill, Myra returned to the Pacific Northwest and never looked back. She lives in an egregiously pink 1930’s apartment with the love of her life and spends the majority of her time rendering sprawling 3D mesh images in her computer closet hideaway.

Artists Statement:
I purchase what is suggested to me by the algorithm and collaborate with the dysmorphic vision of myself data-mined by corporate interests. I harvest images from the web and synthesize them with my own photographs to make collage and reference material for sculpture. I am fascinated with my own body and its shifting surface under my gaze. In the mirror, as in my forward facing camera I observe undulating organic forms which approach recognizable anatomical reference and then dive back into obscurity. It is difficult to view myself as a whole entity, instead I see individual fragments associated with internalized stigma hovering out of proportion, out of alignment. I seek to reorient myself and my viewer within a larger framework of body image and alienation.
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